The first step to decrease your warranty claims as a business owner is to do everything possible to make sure your products/services are free from defects. At Colter Reid Enterprises, we strive for high levels of quality to minimize our warranty. One of the steps we choose to take is to use only the best subcontractors. All of our subcontractors for the major mechanical skills (plumbing, electric and hvac) have licenses in the State of Texas. The subcontractors that are not licensed, because of no licensing available in Texas, are highly skilled in their area of specialty. What that gives me as a business owner is happy and satisfied clients with little or no warranty issues. I made a business decision years ago to be the best priced contractor for the quality level that we deliver. I could have hired the cheaper subcontractors that would increase my work, by lowering my prices, but I decided that the warranty issues and dissatisfaction would not be a viable business model.

The fact is, there are a lot of low bidding contractors that will do "anything" to get the job. They bid low to get the job and then unfortunately start billing for extras once construction is under way. They employ you as their superintendant (never around on the jobsite to oversee the details). In a lot of cases, they use unlicensed, poor quality "handymen" to do most of the mechanical work. This reduces their cost significantly and leaves the customer at a disadvantage. What happens when your home has an electrical fire, mold from improperly installed HVAC systems or water leaking from an improper shower liner installation? Many of the serious problems will become apparent well after their work is done. In cases where a contractor like this was used, you are at the mercy of their business ethics (or lack there of), assets or insurance policy (if he/she is still in business).

At CRE, we strive to make your remodeling experience a dream come true. All of our customers deserve the best and that's what we are here to offer. We believe that if the install is initially done correctly there will not be warranty issues at a later date. We use licensed mechanical contractors, skilled craftsman and we inspect the stages of construction (usually daily) at the appropriate times. When we say your job is complete, you can rest assured that the highest level of craftsmanship has gone into your job and it is complete. We use realistic material allowance budgets. Our invoice for work done is usually at the original quoted price. If there is something with a variable cost, we will make you aware of it upfront.

We stand behind our work and offer a one year mechanical/functional warranty on all installs. Why settle for a discount contractor that may do a good job, when you can choose a professional that WILL.